Wonder Knitter!

My Wonder Woman Wrap in non-traditional colours is done!  Finishing the knitting was pretty uneventful.  It has some neat construction tricks, including a purled section (I didn’t read ahead, so that came a surprise for me).  Having done so many socks this year (I believe I’ve finished 11 pair already…and two other half pairs…), with the highly predictable shapes of socks, the rows in the wrap seemed interminably long at certain points (especially the top of the second W).  I surprised myself with how well I was able to handle the short row sections, something that I have occasionally struggled with.  I think one of my tricks is, if I have to leave my knitting mid-short row section, I can’t leave it at the end or beginning of a row (where the wrap happens), I’m better off to have knit a few stitches – it’s easier for me to read which way I’m headed that way when I pick it up again.  I decided to use an elastic bind off, and since it didn’t suggest a specific one I found a tutorial at Sweet Georgia Yarns.

So, Saturday morning I had an unblocked shawl and a sunny patio just begging for something to do.

It was so exciting to get it off the needles and see it stretch out finally!  
No kidding, it dried in like an hour.  I wish I had this outdoor blocking station available year round!!!
Everyone I show this picture to thinks it should be a permanent installation on our deck.  The yarn is Drops Fabel in Cerise, and unknown pink variegated yarn I picked up for free at the Ottawa Knitting Guild annual yarn swap!  Yay!


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