Summer and the Knitting is WIPpy

I swear I have been knitting!  I just haven’t managed to finish anything lately!

I cast on Sock Madness Round 6 with my team.  They were the totally awesome and slightly nerdy Pentoeminoes, by Mylene Pijpers.  I got through one and a toe of those intarsia-in-the-round heavy socks, realizing I’d made them big enough for my husband, who won’t even think about wearing them till fall…

Then, I thought, I’ll get ready for Tour de Sock 2017 by finally knitting one of the patterns from Tour de Sock 2016!  I merrily cast on Twists and Turns by one of my faves, bellybuttonknits/Adrienne Fong!  And I made pretty good progress in that too, finishing a whole sock and a lace repeat on a second…

Now, I’m usually not big on the trend shawls.  I haven’t knit a Find your Fade.  Or really any of the big MKALs that come along.  But.  WONDER WOMAN.  I mean, I burst out crying in the theatre.  I had a Wonder Woman bathing suit as a toddler and have been waiting for this Wonder Woman moment to happen basically since then.  So, when an amazing, FREE Wonder Woman shawl pattern, by Carrissa Browning, dropped out of nowhere on Ravelry, well, it had to be mine.  I didn’t have any yellow yarn in my stash.  And the red yarn is waiting for pick up.  So I went a different, more Capital Knitter-ish colourway.

So now, here I am, with a pile of summer WIPs and not much to show for it…yet.




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