Mosaic Madness

I learned so much knitting Honey and Clover, by Natalia Vasilieva for round 5 of Sock Madness this year.  One of the first things I learned is that I am just not destined to be good at these twisted cuffs.  I was cautious.  I ticked off stuff with a pen.  I read the directions carefully.  And I still managed to mess it up twice.  Just like in the sheep socks! I didn’t feel alone this time, because I’m pretty sure this cuff caused mass hysteria.

As I moved on, I got to learn how to mosaic knit!  Mosaic is a form of slip stitch colour work where you work every row twice.  It makes for a lot of work, but a really interesting effect.  It took a little while for my brain to twist around it, but once I got it, I found it to be pretty neat, and I would definitely try it again, maybe for these nifty skull socks!

It’s a Crazy Zauerball!  And some pink Drops Fabel!
As I continued on through the socks, the learning didn’t stop!  They had a special Strong Heel with proper German short rows.  It’s possible I’ve tried to do German short rows before, but I certainly didn’t understand what I was doing like I did this time!  It was a really neat process, and I got a really lovely heel in the long run.

It’s hard to take a picture of your heel. 
Then the last thing I learned was a good lesson is acceptance, as this was the end of my competitive road for Sock Madness 11.  I was actually pretty relieved to be eliminated, I was facing down another round of sock surgery to hand these in (the right cuff is missing a row) and I was so impressed with how fast my team mates got through the sheer amount of knitting in these socks.  They are deserving semi-finalists for sure!  I did, of course finish my socks, in time for the end of the round, and I’m really proud of them and of all my learning!!

I find them very rose-like. 

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