Musical Madness

Sunday morning.  Email arrives.  New pattern!  Yay!  Take a closer look…it’s by someone I “know” from one of my Ravelry groups!!!  How exciting!  Yep, this round’s pattern was by the lovely Elisabeth White, who made us the incredible Symphony Socks to knit!  After recovering from the surprise and delight, I got down to some knitting (and beading!).

Aknitica had directed me to the very excellent McBead Creations back in March, and I had put together my plan for the beaded sock back then.  I’ve been not so patiently waiting.  I may also have a few more beads lying in wait for future projects…You’ll note I have actually knit socks in this same yarn before…I had won a new set of Knit Picks Stroll in Wonderland Heather at the knitting retreat in the fall, and when I saw that one of the socks in the Madness called for it, well, I couldn’t resist.  So, now I have mix and match beaded socks!

My week was busier than average, but by Thursday I had 2 diamonds done on my second sock first thing in the morning.  I marathon knit on that thing ALL day.  I couldn’t really see straight by the end, I was giddy and was making silly mistakes in the toe, but I finished it before bed that day for I think the twelfth of sixteen places on my team this round. Oh my gosh, we’re on to round 5!

I love them so much, thank you Elisabeth!!

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