A Farm of Madness

I’ve been really lucky in getting Sock Madness socks to fit my crazy feet – all 6 of the ones I made for SM10 were good to go, and so far so good this year…until I got to Lambs and Bunnies and Chickens, Oh My! by Ros Clarke.  And fit was just one of the problems I ran into knitting these cuties!

The pattern arrived at an inconvenient time for me, but I boldly cast on, and knitted in every free moment I had that day, and made surprising progress.  Lo and behold, by the end of the next afternoon, I had a sock.  That I couldn’t get over my heel.  It seems I had made my corrugated ribbing a little on the tight side.  Some pals in my knitting group offered me some sage advice, and I had time to try on the second cuff, and it was an obvious improvement!

Much better.  
But, in casting that second one on, I realized a devasting error in the first one.  I’d missed multiple rows in the twisted cast on.  Okay.  Deep breaths.  I can remove and re-do that.  So I did (so much kitchener).  BUT, later on, I was looking at it some more, and I was still missing a row in that new cast-on!  So I got to learn the special skill of ungrafting, and re-did it again (so much more kitchener).  It still doesn’t fit, but at least it’s “right”.

Tim Horton’s is a good place to do sock surgery.  Thank you to my support team including Aknitica and One Stitch, One Step.  Shout out to Elderberry Farm who taught me my new corrugated ribbing approach!
I haven’t totally decided what to do with these yet.  In the long run, I had an acceptable pair of socks and I’ve learned some new tricks that I hopefully won’t have to use in the next round!!

The colourwork is mostly done in leftover Knitpicks Palette (the Yellow is Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Fire Opal), and the Orange is….Drops Fabel!  

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