Madly Mod!

Oh gosh, I’m behind on my blogging!  Which is funny, because I was soooo speedy on my knitting this round!  I set a new personal best.  I was kind of in shock the whole way through at how fast these socks were falling off my needles, and I just couldn’t stop.  I got extremely lucky as the Mod Madness pattern, by Copper Blade designs, arrived when I had three totally clear days to knit, which certainly doesn’t happen to me often these days.  The particular colourwork pattern was awfully well suited to my skillset – with so few long floats to manage (just a couple in the toes), it is a great one to try if you are interested in taking on a full colourwork sock.

When I was working on the cuff, I thought the sock would be slow!! Colourwork purling is not the funnest. 
I had a relatively sedate apple green and white plan in place for this round…but when I saw the pattern, I had to go grab my very wildest yarn, some Regia Fluoromania that’s been in my stash for ever.  On my first sock, I had the most fortuitous pooling, and it looks pretty good on sock two also.

I couldn’t have made that pooling on the left happen if I’d planned it on purpose.  The Regia is paired with…what else, Drops Fabel!
I’m beyond delighted I was able to get these 72 stitch socks to fit – I checked that I could get the cuff on after I finished knitting it, but I wasn’t sure how long that foot was going to be until it was pretty much done.  As it turns out, everything was hunky dunky, even on US 2.5 needles (the designer suggested US 0!).  I’m definitely exploring more options for fully colourworked socks in my future!


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