Madly Dropping Socks

So the first competitive round of Sock Madness 11 is just about done!  We knit Dropping Madness, a lovely pattern by Maria Ekblad.  It featured some really nifty stuff, including a lovely dropped stitch pattern (yep, you just let that stitch go, it’ll be there for you when you come back to it) and a supremely elegant afterthought heel.

My first progress shot…before I realized I was doing the toe wrong!  ‘Boh! The yarns are Riverside Studios in Spring Fling and Drops Fabel in Turquoise.  
My Madness Socks are rarely without adventure.  In these ones I re-learned again the importance of reading carefully and slowly – as I mixed up my right and my left in my first toe – but having caught it and fixed it in the second one, it was an allowable misdeed (thank goodness, cause I didn’t actually notice till I was pretty much done the first sock!). And due largely to my inability to count, it took me two tries to get the first heel right, but it was totally worth it!

Drop it like they’re socks! 
I raced through these so that I would be done when Capital Husband was back from a long work trip, finishing them up on Friday evening, after an early Monday morning pattern release.  I’m starting to get pumped up for another sock soon!  Who knows what kinds of adventures it will bring!




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