A long and twisting road to Madness

I have finished the qualifier for Sock Madness 11.  It’s all happening again!  Yowza!

These are knit in the absolutely lovely Pandia’s Jewels Snug, in the colourway Tank Girl, which was a birthday gift from one of my Madness friends!

This year’s qualifying sock is called Twisted Madness (by Gina Meyer), and that name was chosen with good reason.  Some folks were running estimates, there are over 4500 twisted stitches in a pair of these socks (and I knit the large, of course, so there are more in mine).  It’s a lot of twisting, and I think they might have twisted my brain, I swear I tinked and ripped these socks more than I knit them.  I looked back as I approached the toe on the second sock and saw I had managed an honest mistake in the controversial gusset zone, but my mistake only added more twists, and was deemed allowable.  If these had been the first sock last year, I’m not really sure I would have managed to qualify.  All sorts of respect to those who are struggling with these.

One of the things that is really fun for me this year is that we have a pretty large crowd from Ottawa taking a run at the Madness!  There were at least 10 that registered!  So we had a little meet up during the qualifier, and a couple of us may have had an impromptu knitting date too.  It’s quite nice to have some in person social support and folks to drink tea with.

My socks in progress, chillin’ with Aknitica‘s third one of these bad boys.

I’m looking forward to a new sock in a week or so, and with the way the materials list looks, that’s bound to involve some sort of colourful-ness…yahoo!




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