Un-Birthday Socks

For Valentine’s Day, we Sock Madness folks got the lovely gift of a new pattern to keep us busy for the next few days! (some of us, more days than others!)  Huzzah!  It turned out to be Invitation to the Dance, from the delightful Caoua Coffee.  It’s a nice introduction to colourwork (the pattern includes an interesting, optional approach to colourwork if you are scared of the whole two handed thing) and it’s definitely gonna be a good one to check out when the Madness is over and its available for the whole world.

My first day of progress.

I struggled with deciding which size to knit…My genuinely very wide feet (4E width, aw yeah!) can be a struggle for getting on colourworked knitting.  To take no risks, I went for the Men’s medium, but once I was through the colourful section, I downgraded a needle size from the recommendation, to help the foot and ankle fit.  I still have a bit of  slouchiness in the ankle, but otherwise, they are a pretty good fit!

Totally smitten with the Riverside Studio Yarn, in Lifesaver (guess what, the purple is leftover Drops Fabel!  Surprise!!)


I tried to finish them on my actual birthday, but they weren’t destined to be.  So, these shall be my Un-Birthday Socks this year!  And now we wait for qualifiers!  It’s getting so exciting!


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