Neon Chevron

As the gang at Sock Madness were keeping us on tender hooks awaiting the official warm up pattern, I decided I would just cast on a pair of my own and hope I could get it done before the actual warm up arrived.  I thought I would make use of some self-patterning yarn, since I won’t have much use for it in the Madness, and I had some particularly fun stuff in my stash I had been looking for a use for.  I thought, I better try something “new to me” while I’m at it, so I went for BellyButtonKnit‘s Scrappie, mainly for it’s short row heel and set to work.

Bringing a little brightness to midwinter in Ottawa!

The short-row heel was a neat experience for sure.  I’ll be interested to see how it holds up with no reinforcement of slipped stitches.  Otherwise, this sock just flew off the needles, and was a great one for the busy yarn – but I’ve seen it works well for series of scraps too (hence the name!).  And, as it turns out I finished it the night before the “Official Warm Up” sock pattern arrived.  I’m going to be good and warm for that qualifier!!!

It’s Lang Jawoll Aktion that’s been aging in my stash for a while, and the grey is, what else, Drops Fabel.  

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