Gearing up for Sock Season

I just finished a pair of socks.  I mean, that happens a lot around Capital Knitter town, I did knit something like 14 pairs last year.  These ones were the last of my festive knitting, a pair I made from a friend’s stash.

Zigzagular Socks, in Handmaiden Casbah, Nova Scotia colourway.

As I have been working away at these, the momentum towards this year’s Sock Madness has been building.  Chatter on the forums is beginning, sign-ups are on the go and the materials list should be out really soon.  When I finished the event last year, I wasn’t sure if it was something I would do again.  I was exhausted.  But now, I find myself looking forward to it…I’m idly updating my stash on Ravelry, making tables of my available yarn/beads and now that these socks are done…I’m back to stalking the forums, waiting for the official warm up pattern to release to see if that’s the next pattern I want to knit.  I’m setting my expectations low, I have less knitting time than I did last year during Madness, but I have more skills too…so it’s a toss up.  I’ve definitely got the Madness bug again though and who knows where its gonna take me!


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