Holly Daze

December has been a wild ride over here in Capital Knitter land.  It’s certainly a good thing we started that gift knitting back in the summer, or none of it would have gotten done!  But I’m here today to give you a lengthy report on allll my holiday knitting.  So settle in for a longish-read.

First, I finished my “trivia knit,” the Mariner shawl by Beckie Paul, featuring Shirley Brian yarn.  Or I should say, the heavily adapted Mariner shawl.  One of the things I didn’t plan for when I decided to knit this largely in a poorly lit bar was that I would miss most of the colour changes, which is what the pattern instructions rely on!  Ooops!  I think my version turned out nicely, but it certainly isn’t to spec.  Mother-in-law loves it, so that’s the important thing.

I love the colour changes in the Shirley Brian yarn, even if I couldn’t see them in the bar!

Secondly, for my very knitworthy father-in-law (I knit him a hat two years ago, where I ran out of yarn and changed colours at the very end leaving a silly dot at the top, and he loves it dearly still).  I decided to knit him something a little bit classier than that, and picked Caoua Coffee’s Monte Cristo socks.  I was knitting on these right up to the last minute.  Delightfully, working on these I learned that I could knit and walk…just in time for it to get so cold that isn’t going to be an option for much longer.  Sigh.  Canada.

These will also fit my Father in Law. The joys of big feet.  Drops Fabel, in Blue.

Remember last year when I got obsessed with Reddit Secret Santa?  Well this year, I got to play!  And I knit my giftee a hat, with his company logo on it.  Husband helped me draw it up on a knitting program, and I whisked it up over a weekend.  I got a note back on Christmas Day, and I assure you , this was a pretty big hit.

“One of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received” Reddit Giftee you are deemed knitworthy!  More Drops Fabel!!

And, I didn’t let my Secret Santa-ing stop there…my other one was into Dr. Who, so I scurried like a mad-woman to turn out this little gem, Dalek Amigurumi by Lucy Collins, which was a joy and delight to my giftee, and earned a spot on her tree!

Exterminate!  I learned several new crochet skills.  QUICKLY.  Mostly in Drops Fabel, of course!

I am still working on a pair of socks for the husband, and I “owe” (on purpose) a pair of socks to a friend.  But Christmas brought the end to my biggest project of the fall, the finger puppets!  On Christmas Eve, I crocheted #100, and a made little video for my family so they could see how I make them.  All that’s left to do now is to pack them up and ship them off to the IWK Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I recently learned that our local hospital, CHEO is also interested in taking on some finger puppets to engage their patients, so if you think you have some yarn you’d like to used up in a different way, and don’t want to ship it half way across the country, you have options!

100 Wooly Finger Ducks !!!  These were knit a bunch of ends of things.

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