Secrets Revealed!

I gifted another one of my super seekrit knitting projects last night!  My pal, and lovely blog reader, has a November birthday, so logically, I sat down and knit for it in August.  She loves sugar skulls, and some time ago, I had come across the Calaveras pattern by Jenny Penny for stranded mittens, and thought I would give it a go for her.  I grabbed some of my trusty Drops Fabel and set to work.

Immediately, I was met with a challenge.  The suggested cuff started off with a latvian braid…one of those magical knitting tricks I haven’t tried before…and one I’m kind of scared of.  But, I took a deep breath, watched a few video tutorials, and set forth.  I must admit mine didn’t turn out totally perfectly (I think I reversed directions a few times somehow), but I’m happy I tried, and my friend is the delightfully supportive sort who will be happy to own the attempt.

The braids are the bits that look like horizontally placed barber poles on the cuff.  I only did a half latvian braid on the upper section.

From there on out, the mittens were mostly just following a colourwork chart and managing some medium and long floats in the skull.  Though I must admit it did take some brain flexibility for me to read the chart the other direction on the second mitten! And I might have had some thumb placement issues in that second mitten as well.  That second mitten was super fun y’all.

But, the end result was totally worth the effort.  Especially Mr. Skeleton Thumb Gusset. And Ms. Happy Birthday Girl!

Now I want all the colourwork mittens.  #lifegoals

3 thoughts on “Secrets Revealed!

  1. Those are so cool! I’ve done a Latvian braid before, its fun but very mind-twisting. Your braid looks right in the photo of the mitten on your hand 🙂

    I have secret knitting too! I’m impatient to finally be able to post it on my blog, lol.


  2. I totally spaced and forgot to bring them to guild in the MONTHS they have been done and not gifted yet! The Latvian Braid was…interesting. I think I brilliantly untwisted it all before doing the second round before reading some advice against that. Lessons for the next one!


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