Catching Up

Goodness!  Is November making a whooshing sound?  It’s going really quite fast I think.  I was going to sit down and tell you all about the Eastern Ontario Needler’s Retreat (EONR) as soon as I got home…that was over a week ago now!  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Last year, I had such a blast at EONR.  I wasn’t sure how going back could be as much fun, yet somehow it was even better.  Knowing what to expect, and really feeling like an important part of the magical transitory community that forms near Ivy Lea for the first weekend in November was a truly delightful experience.  Also, there was knitting.

I had to keep up on my finger puppet project!  And then scenes from my classes! 

We did three excellent classes: beads in knitting with Natalie Servant, gauge free mittens with Deb Gemmell, and a fair isle workshop with Debbie Wilson.  Even at the classes where I thought I was going to know stuff, I learned amazing things.  Natalie gave us a what seemed like a university level workshop on beading.  I’m now totally convinced there is in fact a reason to pre-string beads.  When Deb Gemmell releases that mitten pattern soon, you should snap it up: it’s so awesome, it’s bananas.  You can knit it at any size, with any yarn or needle.  She’s basically magic.  And I just kept on picking up new tricks from Debbie Wilson on fair isle knitting.  I can russian join like a champ now!

We knit and laughed and ate and had too much fun in between too.  I sold some of my sewing, bought some yarn and won some sock related items at the raffle – how appropriate!

I finished the mittens (much) later that night.  And some of the sewing in that picture is available on my Etsy shop 😉  

I’m so glad I made time in what is turning into a very busy November to focus on my knitting and some of my knitting friends for a whole weekend.  I can’t wait for next year!


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