Warm Hands

One of the side effects from my carpal tunnel surgery has been that my hands are often cold.  Like, abnormally cold.  I’m told it might go away in a year or two.  So, for now, I’m obsessed with the idea of mittens, and fingerless gloves and basically anything that can keep my digits, palms and wrists and the like from being frozen.  So, when it was time to whip up a little something for my pal’s birthday, mittens were top of mind.

She loves penguins.  So I started hunting for penguin themed knits…if you look carefully through my ravelry faves, you’ll find a few I tucked away for future needs.  Eventually, I came up with just the right thing, from the delightful SpillyJane.  I must admit, these aren’t an exact replica of her Penguin Mittens, I took some liberties with the cuff and the like, but they are pretty close.  And, they are awfully delightful.

The recipient was so happy she didn’t want to take them off for dinner.  SUCCESS.  Knit in Drops Fabel (white) and Patons Kroy Sock (black).

This was my first experience with the afterthought thumb style of mitten, and I’m sold!  Much like in socks, it’s a pure delight, especially when doing colourwork.  You get to focus on the matter at hand, as it were, and then go deal with the thumb.  My hand anatomy and the level of stretchiness in my knitting lets it work nicely.  I also managed to go fix a couple of colourwork stitches I missed with some embroidery/double knitting stitching at the end.  Ooops!

Now my issue is I want to make some Spillyjane or similar mitts for me and my chilly hands, maybe with gnomes, or octopi…but I’m still working on the gift knitting list that won’t end…maybe in the New Year.


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