My Kind of Pumpkin Spice

It’s a stunning October day in the Canada’s Capital today.  Basically Summer.  Perfect time to put on a brand new pair of woolen socks!  Works out for me, because I finished my Villiviini just now!

The more I worked on them, the more I realized, these are MY kind of pumpkin spice.  I’m just not a neutral gal, and I don’t do a lot of those warm fall tones.  What I do is jewel tones, brights and pops of colour.  And these socks have that in spades!  Everyone who has seen them in real life or in pictures have commented on the colour combo.

So much pretty. 

It was an enjoyable knit, much easier than I anticipated, though not without some inattentive knitter error (my lace is…different…than the pattern suggests, I may have missed an instruction about the repeat, and decided to charge ahead by the time I caught it).  My error results in the lace panel extending a little further down the sock, but I think it worked out just fine length wise.  It does require more purling than the average sock.

It’s truly elegant how the intarsia works, and how it blends in to the gusset.  I don’t actually have all that much experience doing intarsia knitting, and this is by far the best looking bit of it I’ve done.  I have no worries the panel will fall out or anything!!  This is a great one if you are interested in doing a spicier sock, but you’re not quite ready for something truly crazy-pants.

Thanks to my Sock Madness buddies for challenging me to knit these, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to them for a long time without the push from the poll based knit-a-long, and I’m so glad I did!  Another new trick up my sleeve and another super pretty pair of socks in my drawer!



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