Still Here!

I’m still here!  And I’m still knitting up a storm.  Just so many secret projects, and one surprisingly slow pair of socks…OKAY.  I’ll let you in on one of them.  But you really can’t tell!

It’s a duck.

I’ve told you, I’m from Nova Scotia. Which means, when I was a kid, and I was sick (with 8 zillion ear infections), I went to the absolutely wonderful IWK Hospital.  Well.  When you get a fingerprick blood test done there, you get a finger puppet.  And it makes everything better.  That happened to me (censored) years ago.  And recently, word got out that the stocks were low!  So, I immediately jumped into action, as it was clearly time for me to pay it forward.

I decided that for me, this was more of a crochet project.  And I found an awesome little free pattern for a duck  from Wooly Thoughts (it comes in knitting too!).  I set to work right away..and I’m developing a little army of these guys, one a day, one day at time. They take me around 30 minutes if I’m focused.  My goal is to go ’til close to Christmas and make this donation in honour of some loved ones.  (Hence, no telling!).  It’s pretty fun, a good little stash-buster and it’s quite satisfying to have a finished object every day!  Also!  So many adorable ducks!


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