The Villiviini of the People

The folks at Sock Madness don’t just disappear for the rest of the year.  Little groups emerge to put teams in for all the big Ravelry events – Tour de Sock, Tour de Fleece, the Ravellenics etc.  And, a few other little things pop up at Madness central.  Nothing quite as crazy as the Madness itself, thankfully (I think), but the community keeps engaged.  Right now, that means some of us are doing a #madnesssockkal

This all started as an idea our fearless leader witnessed in the Aussie Sock Knitters group, where the individual members posted a poll of a variety of patterns they were interested in knitting and left it up to the group to choose one for them to knit.  My library has been overflowing with sock patterns, so I jumped on the chance to have someone choose a sock for me.

Sock Poll.jpg
The socks that were in my poll…Clockwise: Grey and Green, top left: Villiviini (Photo Credit: Talvi), Yellow, top right, Classic Plaits (Photo Credit:  Dieuwke van Mulligen), Blue, bottom right Twists & Turns (Photo credit: bellybuttonknits), Pink and Grey, Luna Socks (Photo Credit: Josephine and the Seeds), Red, very bottom left, Smaug Socks, (Photo Credit: Triestina)


I had mostly chosen socks I thought would be relatively easy knits, so OF COURSE the group of Madness knitters chose the sock with the lace intarsia panel (Villiviini) in an immediate, overwhelming, clear majority.  It’s fine.  I’m sure its gonna be cool, when I start knitting it real soon (I have a case of grumpy elbow at the moment).  But really, half the fun was voting in the other polls, watching the close races and getting a peek in everyone else’s wish lists and practically doubling the size of my sock library/favourites list again…discovering some truly delicious and ridiculous patterns along the way.  Here’s just a little taste…

Clockwise from top left: Frivolous Socks (Photo Credit: Christa Tippmann), Durmstrang Socks (Photo Credit: Ann Kingstone), Fringe Socks (Photo Credit: Kathy Cadigan), Paradiesvogel (these remind me of TWO!) (Photo Credit: erinelise89).

I’m looking forward to rocking and rolling on these soon!  I might even start them up very gently today.  Since my poll was so clear, so soon, I’ve had the wool chosen for a while. Socknotmadness is pretty fun too!

Caked!  And ready to go!  Its Koigu KPPM in a fun orange colourway (with long lost ball bands) and Madeleine Tosh Merino Light, leftover from my very first lace shawl.



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