The other day, we passed the four months to Christmas mark.  Have you started your knitting yet?  I HAVE.  I have plans, upon plans.  I made a Google Sheet a few weeks ago with all the people and events I have to knit for before Christmas (why so many Birthdays?), got totally overwhelmed and just started knitting.  I’ve actually gotten 2.5 things kicked off the list since then, and I have one more on the go, and like all my lists, I started it with a few things I already had completed 🙂  I’m calmer now, and I know that I’m only going to be able to finish what I can finish, and I have to do some fun knitting for me in between (I have plans for that too!).

I don’t lean toward gift knitting.  I’m more of a selfish knitter at heart.  A couple of things help me with making gifties – I need to be making something I like and find interesting to knit.  And I definitely like starting early so I’m not pressure knitting Sock Madness style.  And I like knitting something that says something about the person, or that I genuinely think the person will appreciate for some reason other than “they need a scarf” or “people like hats”.

One of the things I’m finding hard about the gift knitting is that I can’t really post a bunch of pictures of most of it.  Enough of my friends and giftees follow me on web that I think it would take away from the surprise.  So, I’m finding more creative ways to participate in social media without actually showing my active project…

Purple Socks
These were someone’s birthday socks! 

But, the other day, I did get to deliver a knit giftie!  So I finally get to show you proper pictures of the Seekrit Birthday Socks!  They are actually Lady of Lorien, by Belly Button Knits.  The giftee in this case really seemed to like my Sweet Madness socks, so I wanted to make her something similar.  I went through BBK’s amazing pattern library and chose something appropriate with a few beads here and there, and then picked the giftee’s favourite colour of yarn and matching beads and went to town.  I remain in love with BBK’s sock patterns, so much charts, so much fun.  I really love how the beads nestle into the diamonds in this one, and I was delighted to find out they were a perfect fit!!



4 thoughts on “Gifties

  1. I have a whole tonne of crochet projects to make for Christmas, plus cards and a sewing project. Good luck getting all of yours finished! The photo thing is an issue, luckily the one thing I have posted was for a child and her step-mum very kindly said I could post it on my blog. The rest of the gifts are likely to remain secret! 😊


    1. It’s amazing how far out we crafters have to plan! I’m feeling good about my progress so far, but I’m sure it will be a mad dash by December! Good luck to you too!

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