Trivial Knitting

I participate in Ottawa’s Pub Trivia League weekly.  It’s a hoot, we learn things, we occasionally win things (rarely) and we get together and socialize.  And of course, I knit.

While I have knit some pretty complicated things there (say, during Sock Madness), I’ve learned a few things that make for good pub trivia knits for me.  You can’t have your phone or tablet out during pub trivia, so I can’t use my reliable Knitamus app to track my pattern progress in something complex.  So usually I like something fairly simple.  Most recently, I found it was a great place to work on the body of Gemini.  Once the yoke was done, it was just a sea of stockinette, with few increases here and there.  I pretty much only worked on it at trivia (say 2-3 hours a week) and eventually, with a little push during the Ravellenics, it got done!

I haven’t blocked it yet, but it’s looking pretty good!  It’s what my WIP Wrestling Medal was for 🙂
I realized I needed a new “trivia knit” yesterday as I was planning a huge array of fall gift knitting.  The trick here of course is that it can’t be a gift for anyone actually ON my team.  So I picked a nice and easy shawl that will be going to a family member, and cast it on this morning.

It’s gonna be a Mariner, in Shirley Brian yarns.
My trivia knits take a little longer than some of my other projects, because I reserve them for game time, but they definitely help me stay calm and engaged while trying to remember the teeny bit of geography I know.  Sigh.


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