Podium Finish!

Oh goodness, that was a close one!  Not, Michael Phelps/Chad LeClos/ László Cseh close, but, close none the less.  I thought, I can knit socks in four days, I can totally knit a shawl in 16 days, right? I don’t even have to hurry.  WRONG.  I was working on my test knit of TWO pretty solidly all weekend long.  I always forget how long shawl rows get in the end.

Thankfully, it was a perfect comforting, keep me company knit while I watched Olympics, and other nationally significant events over the weekend.  I even read some of the amazing concert reviews while working on it on Sunday.

So much feels.
Towards the end of my fourth full repeat, I realized it was time to get out the scale.  That green ball was looking pretty light.  And low and behold, it too was going to be close.  This is completely my fault, because I chose to go up a needle size, and I picked yarn slightly shorter than the 400 yds recommended.  Helpfully, the pattern would have allowed me to stop almost anywhere that wasn’t a direct cable crossing section, but I was able to get just to the point of a pattern repeat with one gram to go.  Lesson learned: no risk taking while test knitting!

No, this shawl is TWO, silly scale!
And now I have a glorious shawl!  It’s like having two shawls.  AND I didn’t even have to block it to get it this pretty.  I love it because it doesn’t look like anything else on my shawl shelf, it’s the perfect shape and I am pretty pleased with the colour choices I made (Sadnes Garn Sisu Light Green 7172 and (enabler alert!) Wollelfe in Orchid Flower).  I also will be getting some virtual “medals” to display on my project page (and below!), one for Shawl Sailing (my event category), with laurels for colourwork and cables.

How will I decide which side to wear?
I’m told Aknitica will make the pattern available August 31st, and you can pre-order it by grabbing the whole InverseReverse collection, and then keep yourself busy knitting One while you wait (such a good idea!).

Ravellenics Medals
My full medal haul…yes…there’s another story to tell you.

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