Very Olympic Today!

So as I mentioned last time, I’m a Ravellenics participant.  I’m also one of those people who will happily watch Olympic coverage 18 hours a day (that’s why they do that).  So, it’s a good time for me to get lots of knitting done.  So far, I think these games have been a delight – Rugby Sevens is such a fun discovery, our Canadian team is really shining in the pool and there’s been a lot of lovely and interesting stories from across the world, particularly that amazing Refugee Team.

But, back to the important stuff.  Knitting.  When I saw I would have some knitting time available and that Aknitica was busy creating a bunch of loveliness, I knew we might be able to help each other out.  She was kind enough to get a draft of her pattern for TWO ready for me test for her in time for the Rio Opening Ceremonies.  TWO is going to be the next release in her super cool InverseReverse Collection.  It’s a group of slip stitch, reversible shawls that are well suited to gradient yarns and kits, and build on the lovely basic nature of ONE.  She’s giving great sneak peaks and details on her Instagram.

One Big
ONE, available now on Ravelry.  You know you want to knit this. (Photo Credit: Amanda Schwabe).

This is my first time test knitting and its really fun, I feel like I’m helping.  I hope I am! Because I started with TWO, it took me a few minutes to get in the groove, but the pattern really does become intuitive, and she has been very thoughtful in every detail (of course). I also, may have very quickly developed an addiction to gradient yarn.  Can you imagine what I’m going to be like when this gets to be really magenta?

TWO Progress Collage
No judgement about how much Olympic watching this means I’ve done please.

I’ll check in again when I’ve got a whole shawl to show you, and when I finish my other event (I’m WIP Wresting too!).  Happy cheering to you and your team!


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