Mid-Summer Funsies

I finished something today!  Wooot!  I’ve been on kind of a summer schedule for a little while now…out playing on my bike, enjoying the sunshine, playing Pokemon Go (ack) and occasionally dealing with concerns of real life, and it feels like my knitting has been going really slowly (even though I know its not a race).

The project I finished is a gift for a friend’s birthday in September…so I’m not really sure about how to share it here yet.  I did have what a I think might be a great idea for gift knitting while I was working on them…I’m considering sending all my potential gift knittees a Google Form questionnaire so I can keep track of things like their foot length and circumference (not information I generally have about them), favourite colours and know whether they have allergies to fibres etc.  Easy for them to fill out, easy for me to keep track of, and a I think generally a potentially good resource.  I hate knitting in the “dark” and not being sure if something is going to fit or be useful for the person I’m making it for.

Pixelated Birthday Socks
It’s totally a birthday gift.  Can’t you tell?

I pushed to finish these today so I can focus on important things tomorrow: the start of the Ravellenics!  Of course I’m competing, and its not too late if you want to either, you don’t need a team, you just tag your projects based on the instructions and then check them in at the finish line before the end of the Games.  If you want to jump in, there’s lots of good info here.  My main event will be Shawl Sailing, and I’m a lucky duck, because I’m going to do some test knitting for Aknitica!!  More to follow…but trust me, its all good, pretty stuff!  Now that the gift is done, I can’t wait to start!!!

Call it a training photo.  Looking forward to the mass cast-on/Opening Ceremonies tomorrow night!  

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