Recipe for a Knitting Date

I usually do most of my knitting alone.  Even my with public knitting, I’m usually off by myself knitting something while other people wander by.  But I do have lots of lovely knitting friends!  And I should get together with them more really.  So I’m pleased as punch that I managed to organize myself to have a knitting date this weekend with the lovely One Stitch, One Step.

I figured we would need some sustenance to maintain our knitting powers, so I put my multi-crafting skills into effect and whipped up some banana bread.  I checked, and while my buddy doesn’t have any food restrictions, I tend to struggle with things that are made with processed flour and lots of sugar.  But, whole wheat flour is a thing!  And it turns out I found a pretty great recipe for healthy-ish banana bread.

Fresh from the oven, and what remained from an afternoon of knitting…

The recipe came from Cookie and Kate, which seems like a fun site for healthier recipes, I’ll be doing more exploring there later.  I did choose to use the coconut oil, which I think really adds to the texture and taste, and I sweetened with a combination of honey and agave.  I also took the option to add in dark chocolate chips, because: yum.  They also give you lot of choices if you have different food restrictions to meet, which is nice.

Knitting dates are fun.  We chatted about all kinds of stuff, and made head way on our works in progress.  I helped her plan further for her upcoming trip to the East Coast (which now has too many yarn stops thanks to me).  We squished my yarn stash.  And we ate a bunch of banana bread.  A Sunday afternoon well spent.




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