I decided after the first one, that the name of Valtiatar by Tiina Kuu is clearly the exclamation one makes upon finishing one.  “Valtiatar!!!” 

Yahoo!  I did it!! Blue is Lion Brand Sock Ease, Grey is Knitpicks Stroll.
I am really proud of myself for managing a pair of colourwork socks that fit on my special feet (I have to special order my shoes, and wear flip flops three sizes too long so they are wide enough).  My buddies over at r/knitting (and its companion Ravelry group) helped me understand that making a colourwork sock bigger was all about increasing needle size or adding stitches.  So I did both.  That pretty blue stripe down the side of the sock isn’t in the pattern as written, because my sock is 80 stitches around.

The sock is knit toe up and has a “riverbed” gusset.  New construction model for me.  So of course, I ended up knitting the first heel three times because I got over confident and did not understand that at all.  The answer is not to randomly add rows of knitting to the pattern guys.  Almost never.  When you do it right, its really elegant.

The pinstripe bit is the gusset!
They are warmer than my other socks.  And more interesting to get on.  Colourwork reduces the stretch a bit, so the first time pulling them over my heel I honestly thought I had failed miserably.  However, I persevered, and got them on my foot.  They are relaxing a bit now, and I think/hope they’ll stay that way 🙂

When I first started knitting, colourwork was one of the things that attracted me to it.  I had cross-stitched as a kid, and  I love the idea of being able to make patterns and pictures with knitting.  So being able to make colourwork socks (that fit!) it pretty exciting.  My “Sock Dreams” favourites list is expanding exponentially with colourworked patterns.  And while I’m super happy to know how to adjust the non-sized ones for my needs, I’m also interested to see how it goes doing one that actually is fit to my size.  So many more sock adventures in my future!



3 thoughts on “Valtiatar!

    1. Thanks Buddy! My speed is enhanced by my available knitting time at the moment 😉 It’s such a lovely pattern, I was so surprised it was free!


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