A Package of Care

My Bestie lives abroad.  Like way abroad.  And she has for a serious while now.  She visits our mutual homeland in Nova Scotia in the summer though.  Last year I was able to sneak in a trip to go see her just before my first carpal tunnel surgery and we whirl winded through the best of Nova Scotia’s yarn stores in 2.5 days.  It was a blast.  This year, no such adventure is in the cards.

Of course, she is busy stocking up her stash for the year, and has been sending me pics with notes like, “the one on the right is for you”.  What a gal!  But, this did land us in a pickle with the impending postal labour action here in Canada.  I got her to scurry and mail it pre-Canada Day, so at least it would be in the system, and what do you know…the package arrived today!  And what a package it was!   I feel pretty loved, by her and the postal service.

Heartfelt Creations (Andrea Walker) Limited Edition “Terrific Teal Sparkle” (70% Merino, 25% Nylon, 5%Stellina), Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3 Ply “Nova Scotia” (65% Wool, 35% Silk) and Rocaro Alpacas DK Worsted, handpainted (85% Alpaca, 15% Merino)
The girl can buy yarn.  And she knows my brain.  These are all stunners.  I’ve spent much of the afternoon alternatively staring at and then squishing them.  That teal one is a cloud of happiness (Sorry for no link, I’m pretty sure the only way you get this is to visit Have a Yarn in Mahone Bay.  Do it, it’s lovely).  The yellow one has amazing rich colour and a list of the names of the alpacas that grew it for me on it.  The Fleece Artist one absolutely nails the concept of Nova Scotia in a colourway, because of course they do.

And new yarn is fodder for Ravelry research!!!  My favourite kind of research!  I have a few other DKs that might go nicely with the yellow to make a Little Big Wrap (Stripetastic Version), by Susan Ashcroft, which I have been interested in for a while.  Delightfully, one of my matches would create something super on trend and grellow (though maybe a little smaller than the original).  I think the teal might want to be Sea Leaves, by Sue Schreuder, because it goes with the whole east coast feel, and you know what sparkles need is beads!  The Fleece Artist hasn’t quite figured out what it wants to be yet, but that’s okay, I’ve got plenty of knitting to keep me busy in the meantime.

Left, the DK weight combos I have available.  Top Right, Little Big Wrap (Photo Credit : Miriam Spooner), Bottom Right, Sea Leaves (Photo Credit: Sue Schreuder)

Basically, yarn in the mail is great.  Friends are great.  I’m going to get to enjoy this care package more while I knit with it, and then again while I enjoy the things I make with it too.   My Bestie is a special lady, and I’m awfully lucky to have her in my life, even from a distance.



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