True Blue Canadian

After finishing Tenaya, I found myself in a bit of a pickle.  I was without a single work in progress!  And with so many choices sitting out in front of me, I just had to pick one…or more.

At the end of Sock Madness, I had committed to myself that I would attempt a colourwork sock since I didn’t end up doing the one for Round 7.  I’m taking on a sock called Valtiatar, a lovely intricate and free pattern pattern from Tiina Kuu.  In order to get this to fit my special feet, I’m making some adjustments, adding a few stitches on each side and using larger needles…I hope it works out.  My pals from Team Reddit are being a great support group, as a number of them are trying the same thing this summer.

So far so good…but the tricky part is yet to come!
And then last Sunday I was out doing errands and happened to look down while I was at the Dollar Store and noticed a large quantity of 75% cotton/ 25% acrylic blend yarn.  Usually Dollar Store yarn doesn’t feature fun colours like this, or any natural fibres, so I was pretty excited.  And there were definitely quantities suitable for making a summer top here…for basically a song.

Dollar Tree on Merivale if you’re wondering.
So I took a deep breath, went home and did some research.  I was really thinking of something sleeveless (because I’d had enough of sleeve knitting), but I came around to including Tees in my search and that lead me to Gemini, by Jane Richmond.  This a super popular pattern that appeared in the wonderful free (Canadian) online publication Knitty in 2012.

It got really cozy to squeeze all the stitches on before dividing for sleeves.  Better now!
It’s moving along really quickly.  And as I’ve been knitting it I had a few realizations.  First of all, this yarn is not DK weight (its worsted), but that’s okay, I like the fabric I’m getting and my gauge is acceptable so whatever.  Secondly!  Jane Richmond is a Canadian designer, therefore this project will qualify for the Two Tangled Skeins Canada KAL, which is starting tomorrow (WIPs are allowed)!   Score!  And finally, apparently, I’m in my blue period, like Picasso.  But I promise, I’m very happy with my knitting 🙂


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