Sweater Weather

Holy hannah you guys, I just finished Tenaya!

When I started it way back in January, I had every intent to be quite focused and finish it relatively quickly…but then I was taken hostage by Sock Madness, which went on much longer for me than I anticipated…and Tenaya sat waiting, patiently.  As I’ve been returning to selecting my own knitting projects, I knew that getting this one done was the first priority…but the fun part was over, just sleeves and button bands were left.  And to make it extra challenging, working with a wool/alpaca sweater on your lap in 30 degree heat is not an advisable approach to staying cool.

I’m really pleased with this in progress photo.


As it turns out, this last stretch of Tenaya has been full of drama.  For instance, after establishing the second sleeve cap and getting rolling on the second sleeve, I realized I had somehow put it in completely sideways.  Like, the armpit was going to be on my chest.  I still have no idea how it happened, and I wasn’t in the mood to take pictures before ripping it out.  That also slowed progress as I needed a “moment” to cool off after that.  I decided to knit my project for the r/knitting June/July colourwork hat KAL instead.

Whereever it Points Collage
Whereever it Points, by Darn Knit Anyway, knit in a variety of things my stash.  A much needed piece of knitting satisfaction that day.

This week has been filled with non-knitting priorities.  So when I sat down to knit the buttonbands/neckbands I did not read those instructions particularly well.  As a result, my neckband is not quite as designed (I knit it first instead of last, and missed the i-cord bind off as a result).  I’ve heard from knitters smarter and more experienced than me that I’m the boss of my knitting, so I knew I could manage with what I’d done.  So I did.  And, I was delighted to discover that I can now accurately knit seed stitch though – which had been my nemesis for years.

This afternoon has been quieter, so I got to finish that final buttonhole band and sew in a bunch of ends (50g balls leave so many ends!).  I used my trusty dark chocolate snacks as motivation to get through that delightful process.  And now its hanging out on my blocking mats.  The only things left for me to do when its dry is to find and sew on buttons and take some lovely pictures to share with you.

I have been looking forward to blocking this for months.  It was worth the wait.  I’m a happy camper…though I wish I had a clear table so I could see the back cable panel too 🙂   As I told a friend this afternoon, I’m gonna be so warm this summer!

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