Go Fly A Kite!

Capital Husband and I have been adventuring about the parks our fair city has to offer with the finest in dollar store toys.  We got ourselves a pretty super frisbee, which he has been rather patiently teaching me to throw.  And last night, we took our crack at kite flying on the grounds of the Canadian War Museum.

Success! This is a lot of entertainment for your dollar store buck.
However, walking the kite over there was kind of a pain.  And we want to get a second one so we can have tandem kite fun.  So we need a kite storage solution.  Thankfully, I have a bit of a fabric stash, and multi-crafting skills!

I knew this called for something along the lines of a yoga mat bag, and I had sewn one of those a few years ago, from Amy Butler’s Nigella Yoga Bag pattern, for actual yoga purposes.  But for the kite bag, we thought it would be better if it closed at the top, so I went back to the interwebs, for more inspiration, and quickly found some!

It’s my yoga mat!  The fabric came from IKEA.  I was so jazzed when the new store opened in Ottawa and they had a proper fabric area!
It turned out my fabric stash had a piece of something just right for turning out Sewaholic’s DIY Yoga Mat Bag!  And I set to it right away, because there’s no time like the present.  And I’m totally bored knitting sleeves on Tenaya.

I didn’t go for every single detail the Sewaholic did…no velcro closure on my pocket, and instead of turning the cord (ugh) I made something closer to a piece of binding sewed to itself.  The biggest obstacle I encountered was discovering that one of the buttonholes on my computerized machine is not working, but when I switched to a different one, everything improved greatly…and less than two hours later…

The kite is totally in there!
I love it when my crafty skills let me solve little household “problems”.  And I’m looking forward to taking our amazing bag out for its next adventure…though people are going to be surprised when we take our dollar store kites out of such a lovely bag.  Maybe we have to make some kites next?


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