Double the Fun

Today I’ve spent the day teetering on the edge of the precipice of Round 6 of Sock Madness.  Which gave me an opportunity to knock out what remained of my between rounds novelty.  After the hand wrenching bobbles of Eisregen, I took a few days off, and when I was ready to knit again it had to be with larger needles, and ideally something I could finish by the end of the round.

I happened to be surfing about on Pinterest, and came across TPHPE (The Prettiest Hot Pad Ever, of course), by Heather Zoppetti, and nearly immediately cast it on.  I thought, what a great chance to build confidence in my double knitting!  Wrong.  I must have torn that out 6 times.  On the 7th try I did attempt learning to fix mistakes in double knitting.  It did not end well.

The only remaining evidence of my attempts at TPHPE.  I can see the errors.
Then, I was chilling out reading Reddit (I do non-internet related things, I swear).  And someone on r/knitting posted up their first double knitting project, and shared the chart.  I thought, if they can do it, I can do it.  I buckled down, and tried again, with Fishie Dishie by Susan U.  For whatever reason, that chart did make a lot more sense to me.  I think perhaps because it wasn’t symmetrical and it had longer sections of the same colour it was easier to keep track of what I was doing?  Or maybe my failed attempts were adding up and I was finally gaining some skill?

So, I had something to keep me busy.  Of course, as I neared the end of the Koi, I realized there wasn’t a lot of orange yarn left.  I was dreading writing a post about an incomplete fish.  Thankfully, there was just enough to complete the fish chart, and one more row, plus a no yarn bind off.  Hooray!  I finished a double knitting project!  Mostly!

Fishie Dishie 2
One fish, two fish, orange fish, black fish!  Still has a few issues, but I like it.  Completed in Knitpicks Cotlin.

I must say, while I think I now have the general motion/action of double knitting down, I find the charts incredibly difficult to count/keep track of, and found that improved immensely when I added some stitch markers at regular intervals.  I’m looking forward to the day when I can easily churn out the things I know are possible with the power of double knitting!


4 thoughts on “Double the Fun

  1. I’m still working on my first (and never-ending) double knitting project since the class, and regularly spaced stitch markers really help. I also photocopied the chart, and i colour it in at the end of every row. I also coloured every 5th column to make it easier to count. It’s colourful, but it works!


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