Bobble Madness

[bob-uh l] noun
1.a repeated, jerky movement; bob.
2.a momentary fumbling or juggling of a batted or thrown baseball. error; mistake.
4.a small ball of fabric usually used decoratively, as in a fringe or other trimming:
a sweater with a line of bobbles up the sleeves.


So, there’s a few definitions of bobble.  I’m embracing that third one.  The Round 5 sock, Eisregen, by KatviK Knits embraces every possible definition of bobble.  There are about 244 flat bobbles on these guys (I think I read that somewhere).  They are inspired by freezing rain, which I’m pretty sure caused a weather anomaly here in the National Capital Region for the last few days, and brought me back to thinking of the 1998 Ice Storm.  Ah, memories.

So, why embrace the error definition?  Because on my first sock, I did all the bobbles wrong.  They are still definitely decorative bobbles.  They just aren’t the called for bobbles.  Instead of slipping stitches together, I slipped them separately.  It makes a bobble that pokes in instead of out.  When I realized the issue, I had to change to doing them as written, so my socks are a bit different.  But I can live with it, and don’t find it that noticeable once the socks are on.

The different bobbles side by side.  It’s like something you would use as a demo in a knitting class.
These are a one size sock, and to be honest, when I saw that I thought I was gonna be doing some charity knitting (I do not have one size feet)…but as it turns out, this sock runs large, and fits me really well, while all the small (and even average) footed folks in the Madness are running into issues.  I felt like Cinderella when I put it on and it fit like a dream!

Great pattern for your wide footed friends!  Made in Regia 4 Ply, with purple trim in Sock Ease (leftover from Rose and Thorn!).
This isn’t really a fun pattern for fast/marathon knitting, its hard on your hands (and your needles – I snapped one mid-row), and it has a lot of stitches (the bobbles add on to the stitch count).  But, its done now…and I guess that means we’re moving on to another one? Sock Madness is a marathon of sprints!



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