I have lovely nieces.  They live far away.  Their birthdays are close together, and in a few weeks.  Facebook recently told me that the older one has a penchant for mismatched socks.  I have the power to support that.  So, between Sock Madness rounds this time, I knit, what else?  A pile of tiny socks.

 All the socks.
I didn’t have sizes to go from, and I wanted them to be a surprise, so I put together a few tools to come up with these bad boys.  First, I found a guide to sock size by age.  It seemed pretty reasonable, but there are others out there if you are looking.  Then, I plugged that info into a sock pattern calculator!  I added a couple of rows to the length to help them fit for a while longer.  And that’s how we got the bigger socks.  The smaller ones were easier, because for people that age, patterns are still sized by age.  So those are Kate Atherley’s Baby Socks.

The yarn is a variety of things.  I wanted them to be seriously mismatched, of course, so I dug through stash.  Thanks to my Ravelry Project Page, I know the purple is Berrocco Sox, the turquoise stripe is Kroy Socks,   the baby blue is KnitPicks Stoll (from that last Sock Madness Round!), and the orange and navy is Hot Socks Mala.  They’re all ends from other projects with fond memories, which made them fun to knit with again.

I hope the little ladies enjoy them.  I think they would be particularly great in rain boots for puddle jumping.  Splash!



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