Spring Surfin’

Between Rounds 2 and 3 of the Madness, I had a long day of driving and no appropriate car knitting on the go.  So I searched my pattern and yarn stashes and came up with a ball of Stormy Seas by Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn Co. and Surf by Kephren Pritchett, it seemed like destiny.

I’m told they don’t sell Basic Sock anymore, but that’s okay ’cause they sell even more awesome things now!
As seems to be my usual case these days, I learned something new off the top – the Chinese Waitress Cast On – it was pretty nifty!  And I was all set for a day in the car.  To be honest, this is probably a little more complicated than my typical car knitting, especially with that border, but I made it work using my trusty Knitamus app and by the end of the day, I had a serious start on the shawlette.

This is what 6-7 hours of car knitting looks like. 
And then I found out Red Sock Blue Sock was hosting a RSBSY Spring KAL! (Knit-A-Long) And my cast on was on time!  How fortuitous! You can join in too, just grab a skein (or more) of their lovely yarn and make something wonderful before May 31st.

Eventually, Round 3 took over my life, but somehow, last night at guild, suddenly it was all done!  Now, I must admit, it might have a little bobble or two at that midway point when I was pretty knitted out – I decided that this was my low stress knitting, a gift to myself after the drama of Waimakriri, and that sometimes its okay to make mistakes.  And honestly, now that its blocked, its really not noticeable.

Surf Shawl
How happy am I to be taking outdoor knitting pictures again!

I love how the wavy lines in the lace interact with the colourway, and I’m really pleased with the border section which is something a bit different for me.  I also love the size and shape of this one – I like a long and not too deep shawlette, something easy to sling around your neck pretty casually, surfin’ style I guess 😉


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