A Yarn Voyage

Today I went on a yarn voyage!  Once a year, the Ottawa Knitting Guild brings in a visiting instructor for a weekend of workshops and to lead one of our meetings, this year it’s Anne Hanson, of Bare Naked Wools.  When I looked at the workshop schedule there were a few technical things that seemed interesting, but I kept coming back to this day long Yarn Voyage.  What could that be?  How would that go?  What would we do?  There was only one way to find out!

The morning started in the best possible way, with new yarn!  Our packets allowed us to try out a stitch pattern in a variety of yarns and see how differently it came out, and decide which one we liked best.  My pattern is a chevron in knits and purls.  Can you tell?

PicMonkey Collage
I liked it best in the beige yarn at the top.  I also desperately wanted to block that swatch.

While we were all busy swatching, Anne gave an in depth and incredible talk about the things that effect the outcome of your project when it comes to yarn.  Things like the crimp, ply, twist, weight and fibre.  It was amazing.  I couldn’t possibly take it all in, she knows so much, but she gave us some great resources.

In the afternoon, we started again with, more yarn!!  This time we were trying a slip-stitch colourwork swatch, and mixing up our fibres, weights, colours and contents to see what kinds of effects we could get.  I had a variegated ball in my bag (thanks to handy trade), so I got some particularly interesting effects).

Colour Swatch.jpg
It was interesting for me to work outside my usual colour palette (ask my table mates).

As we stitched away the afternoon, we learned about the importance of fibre preparation, and saw an incredible collection of colourwork swatches.  Anne swatches for fun.  Something tells me she’s a process knitter.

I learned some neat tricks along the way, feel more confident about selecting patterns and yarns that match each other and generally had a lovely day working with some amazing yarns.  And when I got home, I undid the swatches so they can have a home in my stash to solve little problems or maybe become some interesting little project of their own one day…after the Sock Madness of course.

I might have picked up a ball or two from a friend.  Thanks friend!

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