Learning Madness

In this break between rounds of Sock Madness I haven’t really known what to do with myself…I know I could be working on Tenaya, or my crochet…but for whatever reason those haven’t felt quite right.

Mostly I just end up reading the Sock Madness forums (and letting my hands recover for the next batch of sock insanity).  One of my favourite threads is the one dedicated to speculating on the next sock, which quickly devolved into a lengthy list of things that would terrify most of us right out of the competition. For some people that’s Fair Isle (which I’m pretty confident in), or Entrelac (I’m 100% with those folks).  And for lots of us its double knitting and brioche stitch.  Each of which has appeared in Sock Madnesses’ or its cousin Tour de Sock‘s past.  There’s even been a sock with a Zipper!  Of course!  (so glad that’s not on our materials list this year!).

Crazy Sock Montage.jpg
Tonight Sock, Photo Credit Caoua Coffee.  Cushy Cables Brioche Sock, Photo Credit Kirsten Hall.  Zip, Photo Credit Nina E Larsgard.

So yesterday, I was involved in the chat, where we were trying to ward off some of the worst of these possible fates by working up swatches, and ended up spending my day learning all the things!  I revisisted my failed attempt at double knitting from the Needler’s Retreat in November and I feel that my buddy anikoknitter would be rather pleased with my result.  It gets a little wacky near the flag, but that’s because I wanted to see if I could fix things instead of going back and tinking them…the answer is a firm no at this point.

Double Knitting Collage
Anikoknitter’s Sample, my November FAIL (I stopped there), Yesterday’s WIN!

And then the dreaded super trendy brioche stitch!  I actually had also had a bit of training on this too, at a guild meeting in the fall…but that was before I figured out moving my yarn back and forth for ribbing…so it didn’t go superbly at the time.  Yesterday was better!  I have one colour down!  (Though this took MANY attempts to get on the go.)


Now I kinda sort of want to do a brioche project before the next the sock?  Maybe in two colour brioche?  I have like 3 maybe as much as 5 days!  A cowl perhaps?  Who knows.  It turns out that one’s pretty fun.  Also learning is fun.


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