Rose and Thorn Madness

That wooshing sound you’ve been hearing all week?  That’s been me knitting Rose and Thorn Socks by Ronni Smith, the second round of Sock Madness Ten!

The pattern was released to the 750+ qualifiers who finished that first round sock in the first two week period (and the cheerleaders who made a sufficient effort), last Sunday around 5pm.  I had been eagerly, anxiously, crazily awaiting it basically all weekend at that point.  We had been put into teams on Saturday night (I’m on team Gwauta Gladiolus, a medium-ish paced team) and the organizers confirmed which of the socks from the materials list we would be doing next.  This meant I knew we were working on something cabled and beaded…I felt pretty good about that, I’ve done some beaded projects before, and with so much of the body of Tenaya done, there’s not much cable-wise you can throw at me that I can’t handle.

Round 2 Prep.jpg
I even did prep work!

Then the pattern came.  Pre-strung beads.  I had never planned for that AT ALL.  In fact, I was at a friends house and had to borrow an embroidery needle to get them on there.  And, those pre-strung beads really wanted to be on circular needles.  Now, I consider myself a pretty “Modern Knitter”, but when it comes to socks I am staunchly and rigidly traditional about using Double Pointed Needles.  It’s my thing.  And the pattern basically said, “you can do it that way…but you probably shouldn’t”.  Well, when I got through the first cuff, I felt like I should have earned a badge of honour.

Cuff Join
It was all very dramatic, I assure you.  The end result is super cool.

The rest of the sock is a breeze compared to that cuff (at least for me – I learned a lot of these sock knitters have never or rarely encountered a flap and gusset heel before somehow).  I knit it all over the place this week, including on the bus – thanks Knitamus for making it easy for me to keep track of my lace work on the go!  This is the fastest I’ve ever finished a pair of socks, by a couple of days…and I’d be impressed, except the first finisher came in around 18 hours?  She didn’t sleep, of course.  Sock Madness is full of everything it promises and more!

Oh, would you like to see my end result?  I guess so!

I’m really quite pleased with them.  And ready for a nap. (Knit in Lion Brand Sock Ease, Grape Soda colourway – this photo is not terribly colour accurate).

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