Checking In

So we’re in a between rounds pause with the Sock Madness.  There’s a need to sort the (crazy number of) first round finishers into teams and get things ready for the upcoming silliness to follow.  I can only read those boards and speculate on the next sock for so long (my official guess – sock B)…So as promised, I’ve been working on Tenaya.

I cast this on back in January, and I work on it sometimes, but not often.  It’s pretty complicated to deal with – it has multiple cable panels, and then sometimes other things to manage to (like waist shaping or armholes and stuff) so, that ends up being a lot of things (especially if I mess something up!).  The rows are also over 300 stitches now, so I also need an amount of time to want to deal with it.

Back in the winter, I printed the pattern, highlighted my size, scanned it and put it into Knitamus, which is my faithful knitting app.  I’m honestly not sure I could knit without that thing these days.  It’s really mostly an advanced PDF viewer, but I love it.  Knitamus means I never have to worry about remembering where I am when I pick things up weeks later, and it easily slides between pages of the pattern now (that was great update!).  It also supports my (mostly) paper-free lifestyle.

But, we’ve reached one of those “increases every 4 rows, 5 times” instructions.  And even better for me, this is the part of the pattern where I need to transition between sizes for my best fit (if I were a piece of fruit, I’d be a pear, which is funny, because I don’t even like those).  SO, on top of keeping track of the cables via Knitamus, I have this extremely well drawn checklist for myself.

I considered re-writing it out for you, but this is a slice of reality.  I figured out after 2 increases that I had actually started from the wrong row number.
Suddenly, when I added that check list, I felt like I was flying through rounds.  It gave direction to my knitting.  Even though I was adding stitches, the rows are going faster?  This is ridiculous.  I am way too oriented to feedback like this.

So, I hadn’t measured the sweater at all since the armhole.  I figured, there’s a tonne of sweater to knit here, on size US3 (#neveragain) and it’s going to take forever.  It’s probably better just not to know how far there is to go.  But, last night I got out the measuring tape.

My estimate was easily 4-5 inches off.
I have about 2.5 inches to go until I get to where I’m meant to start the ribbing (which is also lacey).  It should be JUST enough room to eke out the adjustment I want in the waist increases.  It also probably won’t be the end of the world if the sweater is a smidge longer than intended.  Guys!  I think this is gonna be a sweater someday!


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