Beary Cute

Husband and I have been finishing up the second lesson in class Amigurumi:Woodland Animals with Stacey Trock.  This lesson doesn’t actually have any new techniques, but helps consolidate what you learned from Jay, the Bird – and gives you a little confidence in some of the things you might be challenged with (the sloppy slipknot if you are me, for instance).  We found that we were able to do most of the work for this lesson without following along with the video – which was good as husband took his project along on his recent trip with just the pattern and his hook.

Teddy, the Bear by Stacey Trock crocheted in Red Heart Super Saver and some ends I had around the house).  Left by moi, right by husband, who was much better at listening to instructions re: the snout. 

There was quite a bit of fiddly finishing to do on the project…but the end result was is awfully adorable.  I’m looking forward to using these skills on teeny tiny more traditional amigurumi projects in the future!  Up next: it’s a deer!



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