Stash Up!

Birthday season has resulted in a fair amount of incoming stash enhancement.  Yay!!!  I thought you might want to see it.

I picked up this beauty at the Wool-Tyme sale last week.

I adore the pops of hot pink.

And I found an Etsy gift certificate from LAST birthday that needed using, so I ordered up this lovely gradient.

It came all the way from Austria and had the cheapest shipping option I could find.

I also have some other beauties on the way from a new Canadian website discovery for me called  They ship free in Canada over $100, and carry lots of lovely luxury brands.  I went with some Madeline Tosh (Tosh Merino Light) in this order, a classic.

The colourway is called Magic, for a good reason.

And husband is back.  And he brought souvenirs.  In the form of yarn!! Impressive amounts and quality of yarn!  He’s pretty awesome.  I’m a very lucky knitter.

It’s Supreme Possum, a possum/merino/silk blend. You can’t totally tell, but there’s a sweater’s quantity here.

So, many thanks to all my many well-wishers (those who gave me yarn and those who didn’t!).  It was an invigorating birthday, and I look forward to using the energy to address some of this newly enhanced stash!


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