We set a major one day snowfall record in the Nation’s Capital today.  It was really something. I’d heard it was coming, so I planned accordingly and started a new project last night, of course.

I’m participating in one of those Reddit Gift Exchanges I told you about back in December, and the theme is Colours.  And what better way to express colour than through knitting, right?  There are several clues that my giftee is going to enjoy these from what I can see in her online presence.


Her favourite colour is pink.  There’s a lot of grey in these, but I’ll send a few other pink things to go with them.

I knit them in cotton to ensure that they met my giftee’s needs (it came from a long since abandoned project…what made me think I could knit a yoga mat bag?).  They were a great excuse to break out one of the patterns I picked up in the “12 Days 2015” generosity-a-thon from Tin Can Knits: Honeycomb.  They are clearly a fast knit…at least they are when you are inside most of the day with 1/2 a metre of snow falling around you.  I started them last night and they are done now.  I might steam block them, but otherwise, done.  Yay random gift knitting!  



2 thoughts on “Knitstorm!

  1. Hello most awesome reddit gifter in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously have not taken these pretty perfectly pink gloves off since I received them this morning, I am so in love, I also cried many many tears of happiness as I opened your gift and read your letter!!!! I have participated in a couple of these Reddit exchanges now and I tell you, I have never received such a thoughtful and PERFECT gift, honestly these gloves are EXACTLY what I would have picked myself, the pink and grey are so perfect and the name of the yarn “sugar and cream” are you kidding me, then there’s the cotton/vegan part that knocks them out of this universe!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! You rocked my world girl! I can only hope the gift I sent out makes someone else just as happy as you made me!!!!! Thank you a million times from the bottom of my heart! ~Lizzy xo

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  2. Awwww, my heart is bursting from your kind comments! I knew I had to do the colours one, because one of the main reasons I knit is because of colour!


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