Huffin’ Puffins

So, back in the dark days of December, when I couldn’t knit at all, I super sensibly signed up for a knit-a-long (KAL).  I enjoy the social aspect of knitting quite a bit, even online, so it seemed like a reasonable thing to do, and The Canadian Knitter’s Winter Camp had so many features (including pattern discounts!), I just couldn’t resist.  Essentially, it’s a three month long points based KAL running from January to the end of March, with teams and lots of support from her other podcasting pals.


I wasn’t totally crazy though, so I signed up for “Day Camp”.  It’s the low commitment version of the KAL, for people who weren’t ready to competitively knit for three months straight…like say someone recovering from Carpal Tunnel Release!  The Day Campers were all assigned to “Team Puffin”.  In fact, you can still join Team Puffin if you feel like you would enjoy contributing to the silliness!

For some reason, I really like the picture on the yoga block.
Which brings me back to my current knitting.  The Sailing shawlette is done, and I am delighted with it.  Do you remember what its colourway name was?  PUFFIN.  That’s right.  It’s practically a mascot for camp.  And, its worth a bunch of bonus points this month for being pink/orange and being for the neck.  No planning put into this, I’m just an amazing day camper.  Aw yeahhhh.  All that and it’s super pretty and kind of Valentine-y.  

It was a fast knit, really just a bunch of garter with a few increases here and there for spice, and a couple of rows of stockinette for texture (which would show up more on a different colourway).  I actually didn’t quite make it through the whole planned pattern (there would have been one more stockinette/garter section), but I used all but 2g of wool, which made me happy, because none of that should go to waste.  The Fleece Artist Tree Wool has beautiful drape, and I am delighted with the outcome.  I’m not sure I’ll make anything else for Winter Camp quite this “on-point” even if I make things worth more points.


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