A Toe-tal Mess

Sunday night.  Busy knitting at Pub Quiz.  Reach the toes of the first Petty Harbour sock. After a round of decreases have a thought.  “This isn’t going to work?  I’m going to end up with no stitches on the second needle?  Weird?”

Things only snowballed from there.  I realized that a month ago, instead of setting up my stitches 1/4, 1/2, 1/4 on three double pointed needles, for some unknown reason I set them up in thirds.  So, I reset the toe and knit that toe properly, if a little offset from the pattern stitch (with a few bobbles here and there just beacause).

It’s a toe.  It will be inside my shoe most of the time, right?
Then I realized what it meant for the heel.  SIGH.  See, I had put the ripcord in for the heel long before this realization, and it was also only a third of the stitches instead of the usual half.  So, if I went forward as usual, the heel wouldn’t fit.  Pleasantly, it was guild night, and I had a bunch of awesome resources to give me sensible advice.  I ended up sitting with Janet from the amazing Crazy Dog Yarns, a gosh darned sock expert.  And she had a great idea.  A terrible, wonderful, frightening, great idea.  With a little more cheering/handholding from Aknitica, I was in.

My heel won’t fit in there.
It’s an elegant solution really.  I just needed to take out the ripcord and graft that back together, then do a TRUE afterthought heel.  That’s right, in the words of the Knit Girllls, I was gonna “cut a stitch”.  Ack.

So, I read a few tutorials, got some sleep, had a fortifying breakfast, cleared my mind, steeled my nerves and sat down to take it on.  And it didn’t go terribly.  One side went quite well actually.  The other one was a bit more wonky.  And some stuff happened inside that we’re just not going to talk about.   It would have been much easier if this had been all stockinette stitch to deal with.  Many ends were woven in.

Sock Rescue
Some in progress shots.  The big one shows the cut stitch!  Clock wise from there: picking up to graft, the “messy side” (something went horribly awry), the first row of knitting!, the tidy side, my Jamie Oliver scissors from Sobeys ready for a new and interesting job.

The point is, the sock and I survived, and it fits.  And I will be able to knit the second one normally-ish. And learned a cool new thing I can sort of do.  Definitely an important reflection on the importance of being the boss of your own knitting, and that thing my husband is always saying about how if it were perfect how would I know it was handmade?  Time to go carefully cast on sock number 2!

Rescued Sock
You would hardly know the drama it caused from looking at it.



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