Sailing Along

Things were going pretty darn great with Tenaya, I’d reached the waist decreases with only one major incident (which I managed to remedy with some things I learned in Craftsy’s Save our Stitches class, overall a very similar approach to this recent post by the much revered Yarn Harlot).

Then my husband came home the other day with a surprise early birthday present.  It was a set of Addi Click interchangeable needles, a serious upgrade to my bruised and battered Knitpicks collection (I actually had both the wooden and the Zephyr acrylic tips).  And I HAD to cast on something I could knit with those right away.  Obviously.  If there had been a set of US 3’s for the sweater that would have been one thing, but they only go down to US4…so, Sailing was born.

Sailing Collage
Photo Credits: Meg Gadsbey/Atelier Yarn&Design

Sailing is a one (or two in DK) skein wonder shawlette that has a lovely modern design.  It looks to me like something very wearable. And for the particular skein I was obsessed with in my stash, the simplicity was key. Nothing lacy was going to work with this one, just something that would show off the incredible work of the dyeing magicians at Fleece Artist.  I had sat down next to it at Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia last summer, and despite having bought FAR too much yarn in the previous 48 hours, it was a required purchase.  It’s a colourway called Puffin, on their Tree Wool base, which contains Tencel (from trees!) and its kind of shiny!  Oooooh.  Shiny!

Sailing Puffin
A Sailing Puffin. It’s really difficult to get the texture to come up in these photos. Maybe once it’s blocked?  

And how are those new needles after a few days?  I looooove them.  I feel like I knit faster on them for sure.  The joins are nice and smooth.  The click mechanism is really nifty (seems much less prone to coming lose mid-project than my previous set).  They are surprisingly light for metal needles, which I had avoided for years due to my hand issues (not a problem any more!).  I’d say I’m a very happy giftee so far!  I cannot wait to knit a sweater on these bad boys…you know, after I finish Tenaya on the wooden toothpicks I keep breaking right now!


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