Tenacious Tenaya

Well, I might be getting better at this whole sweater knitting thing.  So far, Tenaya is going really well.  Once I got the cable pattern established, it started to make sense.  And after it made sense it kind of started to flow.  I’m kind of amazed with how little I have to check the chart now (just for the crosses and twists, and not at all on the rest/return row) considering how complicated it looks.

It’s gonna be so pretty all blocked up someday.  

I’ve done all the armhole shaping now, and I’m ready to connect it all up to become a sweater-ish shape, which I thought was a good time to come check in.  I haven’t knit enough sweaters to be certain, but this seems to have pretty interesting construction, it’s certainly kept me entertained.  I found it particularly helpful to be able to stow all the stitches on my interchangeable cords as I left them to move on to each shoulder.  I was also delighted that the adjustment I found online for my sincerely off row gauge seems to have worked! Huzzah!

PicMonkey Collage
I thought it would go so slow on size US3 needles, but I’m pleased with the progress so far.  

Of course, I can’t knit this on the road, and I’ve been doing a lot of bussing/appointmenting the last little bit, so that sock I mentioned has been growing. It’s the stitch pattern from Petty Harbour, being applied to my typical afterthought heel approach, using Knitpicks Felici in the Candy Jar colourway, ’cause January calls for colourful yarn.  What am I saying?  All times call for colourful yarn!

It looks like Easter in the middle of Winter.  

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