Change and Challenges

It’s been a challenging week here at Capital Knitter headquarters.  We lost our number one knitting assistant about a week ago.  It turns out my lovely little dog was secretly very sick.  She went peacefully, with lots of love, but it’s been a big change.

Hippo the Knitter.jpg
We miss you little lady. 

Of course, here at “CKHQ” we handle change through fibre arts.  And with no restrictions on my hand, many things were started, and few were finished.  I cleaned up the Not-So-Tiny Slippers.  You’ll recall I was noting that they fit kind of strangely last installment?  Well, there was a good reason for that.  In working so hard to control the amount of my knitting, I put the short rows in the wrong place on the left slipper.  So, I have mis-matched, but totally functional slippers.

The second one also only took two days. 
The Symfonie Rose Crochet Hooks from Knitter’s Pride, and my imaginary friends, The KnitGirllls arrived, so we got on the go with the Amigurumi: Woodland Animals from Craftsy.  The first lesson got us through increases, decreases, proper starting and closing techniques along with crochet basics and assembly.  And it made an awesomely cute finished project which I later discovered is called Jay, the bird.  As promised, husband participated too!  The crochet hooks are stunningly beautiful, lovely to use and it’s great to have such a nice box to keep them so organized – my pals at Knitting Guild seemed to like them a fair amount when I showed and telled this whole story last night.

Crochet Birds
Mine is the rainbow/clown barf yarn.  Husband made much more sensible blue-bird style yarn decisions. 

If you haven’t done a Craftsy class, I give them a solid recommend – especially if you can catch them on sale!  It’s a great way to learn new skills when you have trouble getting out of the house, or don’t have access to world class teachers like they do!  They don’t just teach on knitting and crochet either, they do all sorts of things from cooking to woodworking and everything in between.  We streamed the class from our iPad to the TV and did it from the comfort of our couch – but I’m pretty sure there’s a built in Craftsy app in the newest Apple TV!  (Note, I don’t have any affiliate links, I just really enjoy Craftsy).

My Boxing Day sweater yarn binge needed some love, and the Knitmore Girls conveniently started a knit-a-long that suited it.  Basically, they are encouraging folks to knit the sweaters of designer Elizabeth Doherty and calling it the Eliz-a-long.  I went and looked at all the patterns, considered what I had in my stash and kept coming back to the most complicated looking one there: Tenaya.

Tenaya Collage
Photo credit: Carrie Bostick Hoge

And I then thought long and hard about whether I could really manage it.  But, it’s good to have a challenge piece on the go, because that’s how we learn new things.  So that’s in a very early stage.  It took two gauge swatches – and a hunt for smaller needle tips (Prym makes size US 3s that fit the Knitpicks interchangeable set if anyone ever wonders!) but I’m on the go now.  I was extremely chuffed to find I can actually knit the 58 stitch back cable panel.

Tenaya Begins
This is not travelling knitting.  I need the iPad, and three pieces of paper to keep track of what I’m doing. 

I also cast on a pair of socks. So, all the knitting is happening basically.  More updates to follow.


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