I’m at a major milestone this week in my carpal tunnel recovery – after six weeks, I’m allowed to start to treat my hand like a regular hand again (which happens Thursday!).  Or at least worry less about messing up the fine work the doctor did.  And, as a bonus, this weekend I finished the world’s slowest left slipper (Not-so-tiny Slippers, by Ysolda Teague).  Even though its really a half-finished object, I’m going to tell you all about it because its so nice to feel like somethings done!

Sometimes I just wear the one.  Its not very helpful.  

I have to admit, I think I may not be much of a slipper knitter.  Because I’ve locked down a sock recipe for me that works, I tend forget that my feet are just as hard to fit as the rest of me, and that they probably won’t look quite as cute as in the photos online.  This also probably wasn’t the ideal therapy knitting project because there were a lot of short rows, which were hard to keep track of when you are only knitting a row or two a day.  In the end, I love them (well, it for now) and I’m looking forward to getting through the second one much faster and getting on to some proper winter comfort food knitting (bring on the socks! sweaters! maybe a shawl! whee!).

Focusing on my key word of enjoying my knitting, I totally enjoyed the Elsa colourway from RedSockBlueSock, and it definitely influenced my button choice when I was swirling through JoAnn Crafts on a little spree in the States last weekend (where my new winter boots are currently lost somewhere, good thing I have a single slipper, right?).

It came from a bag of many snowflake buttons.  I think Princess Elsa would be proud. 



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