All the Plans

New Year’s is full of resolutions and goals and themes and renewal and all that jazz.  I can’t actually throw my self full force into a new project for 2016 as I am still recuperating, but with all the time I’ve had to explore Ravelry in the last few weeks, I now have ALL THE PLANS for my knitting and handiwork in for the year(s) ahead.

I’ve collected all of these  (and several more) as time limited free patterns in the last few weeks.  Free patterns are one of my worst vices.

I’m not someone who does very well with a strict regimented approach, so I’ll tell you a bit about what I would like to do this year, but I hope you won’t be too hard on me if it’s kind of nebulous and probably too much to realistically do at this stage.  Its nice to dream.


First of all, I’m going to finish the Not-so-tiny slippers, by Ysolda Teague. I’ve finally reached a point where kind of they look like something, so you can have a picture now.

Almost 10 days of knitting right there.
Then I’ll get some socks back on my needles and start in on one of two piles of sweater yarn I ordered on Boxing Day.  Did I not tell you about that?  Oops!  The Grace cardigan by Jane Richmond is a likely candidate for at least one of them…the other is a mystery.

My lovelies.

Also, something crazy happened over the holiday.  I was watching my one of my many favourite podcasts The Knit Girllls (they’re all my favourite) and suddenly I heard my ravelry name?  What?!  Yes.  That’s right.  I won a set of fabulous crochet hooks from lovely Leslie and Laura (and their friends at Knitter’s Pride).  So, I have purchased the Craftsy class on Amigurumi (it was on sale!!) and am going to take my (fledgling) crochet to the next level, as part of their Try a New Technique “Craft All the Things” a-long.  Husband saw the level of nerdery possible in crochet and is also probably going to give it a go.

Crochet Collage
I really thought no one won podcast contests.  (Photo credits to The Knit Girllls, Craftsy and Knitter’s Pride).

Like the rest of the world, I would definitely like to knit some of my stash in foreseeable future. For me that’s going to mean a few more shawls probably.  When my hand is up for it I’m digging in to my gorgeous hand spun hand dyed stuff I got in Nova Scotia last summer for sure.  And the lovely skein I won at the Knitter’s Retreat in the Fall…it might become this Downton Wedding shawl, even though I never watched the show (I know, I know).

Many of the other podcasters I listen/watch/partake develop a word or theme for their year as it relates to their knitting.  For me, the one that seems to be standing out and sticking when I close my eyes and think about it is “Enjoy”.  I really want to enjoy the time I take to focus on my knitting.  That seems like a nice thing to do.  And for now, on this bitterly cold January day, I think I will start by enjoying the things I knit for myself last year.


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