A year of knittery

I’ve really stitched together a really nice year.  These bookend days are always a time for reflection, and I looked back at my Ravelry account and saw what I knit this year and was kind of blown away.  I did 22ish projects, Ravelry estimates over 6000 metres of knitting, and it didn’t actually manage to count yardage on several of them.  Plus, I learned so many things from how to rib properly (finally!) to solving that hole in afterthought heels (thanks Aknitica!).

I knit a wide variety of things too!  My finished projects included 5 sweatery kind of things (baby or above), 3 hats, 7 pairs of socks, 3 cowls, 2 shawls, 2 pairs of mittens, one pillow and one Tortoro.  Everyone should knit a Tortoro.  It’s fun.  I saw that #bestnine thing going around Instagram this week, and thought it was people picking their best nine knitting projects, so I put together a really pretty collage for you.

Seriously, this is WAY better than the thing that comes up by what people commented on in my Instagram account I assure you.  

My knitting also took me on lots of adventures this year.  Or I took my knitting on lots of adventures?  I’m not actually sure which way that went. Of course my knitting comes to guild once a month.  But this year it also went to an Urban Yoga and Knitting Retreat in January, a day class with Donna Druchunas in April, came along on a cruise and trip to Florida, had an amazing whirlwind tour of yarn shops in Nova Scotia with my bestie in July, kept me company on a road trip to Toronto in October and of course went to the Eastern Ontario Needler’s Reatreat in November.  In between, I knit all over Ottawa, including in my living room (of course), at Minto Park, on OC Transpo buses (where I apparently do not take pictures) and at my pal’s house when her kids were sleeping.

Where'd my Knitting Go in 2015
Knitting on parade!

An then of course, my ultimate knitting project for 2015.  Two carpal tunnel related ligaments.  These babies took me out of the game for almost 10 weeks all told in 2015, and will give me a gentle start to 2016. But, knitting them back together is going to mean 2016 and beyond holds a bright future for knitting and other handicrafts.  Maybe I’ll share some more deep thoughts about the experience some day, but in many ways, I’ve learned to appreciate my hands in a new way through having these surgeries.

Carpal Tunnel Collage
Already looking at these pictures seems like a distant memory.  My bruises are gone, the scar is smoothing over and my strength is improving daily. 

Finally, I think this little blog has been a nice little Work-In-Progress for me in 2015.  I kind of started it on a whim, but I find I really enjoy keeping a more detailed record of the knitting and knitting related things I do, and sharing some of my deep thoughts about handicrafts.  I hope you enjoy it too!  I really enjoy seeing that you are reading it, hearing your comments and feeling your support. So thanks super readers!!!  Knitting really helped me connect in 2015, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it brings me 2016.




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