Snowed In

Today the Capital was definitively snowed in.  A lovely day to spend the whole day knitting. IF your wrist/hand is up for that sort of thing.  While I am now able to spend short bursts of time knitting (we’re talking single rows a day here people), I did have to find another way to fill the day.  And I certainly wasn’t going to shovel (Yay condo living!).

If you look at my About page, I call myself a multi-crafter, but I haven’t given you much evidence to prove it so far.  In watching Tiny Paper Foxes, a lovely video podcast about a knitter/sewist in NYC, I’d been thinking about my sewing machine.  And I was pretty sure it didn’t need much oomph from my right hand to function.  Since I’ve become surprisingly proficient at left handed cutting in the last few weeks, I figured with some patience, I could make myself a nifty new project bag.  And if I was going to make a project bag, why not make a ridiculously complicated one.

Since I have a little quilting experience, this tutorial didn’t seem too frightening.  And I had picked up a VERY cute fat quarter set for a song at Walmart on Boxing Day while on a cross-border jaunt.

See how good I am at left handed cutting?

After a few hours of this and that and some left handed ironing, I had a finished object!  I always forget that sewing is like instant gratification compared to knitting.  It’s probably about right sized for socks/mittens/hats kind of projects.  A one skein shawl.  I would love to work out the math to make a bigger one to match it that would be suitable for somewhat larger projects that I tend to take on occasionally.

Snowed in bag
The project inside is “Not-so-tiny slippers” by Ysolda Teague, in Big Squish by Red Sock Blue Sock, in her amazing Elsa colourway.  They are at this point largely an i-cord since I have been knitting about 80 stitches a day since Christmas.

There’s more than enough fabric left to outfit myself in a whole wardrobe of project bags for 2016 while I have some time to focus on my sewing.  I always want to buy all the project bags I see, and I have to remind myself that I can make them.  I am glad I finally got myself to do it!



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