A Very Merry Guildmas

Last night was our December Ottawa Knitting Guild meeting.  It featured a slide show on the much vaunted brioche stitch (the focus of this year’s knitting challenge), a pot luck and of course, show and tell.

Without my knitting to keep me company I did a lot of socializing and saw some pretty nifty works in progress.  Lots of socks of course.  My favourite was definitely someone working away on “The Dark Side” mittens, by Jenny Penny.  I hadn’t seen those ones when I had announced to husband how sad I was that I couldn’t make him a “Force Awakens” hat by Hannah L to wear to the new film.  Both of those patterns are free by the way…and you MIGHT still have time to squeak them out for your favourite Star Wars fan – if you knit at the speed of the Millenium Falcon!

Force Knitting
Photo Credits: Alsoanno and Jenny Penny

I finally got to show and tell my NaKniSweMo sweater, to great acclaim (and sympathy since it comes with my tale of having had carpal tunnel surgery).  People were mighty impressed I got that done in 24 days also. The guild president told me it fit me well!  Score!  Show and tell was full of festive goodies, including a lovely travelling garland from One Stitch, One Step that I think is a super tree alternative!  Buddy, you should check out one of the recent episodes of Tiny Paper Foxes and see the yarn tree they set up in their teeny NYC Apartment.

Tiny Paper Foxes Tree
Photo Credit: tinypaperfoxes (Instagram)

It’s always such a delight to see my knitting friends and find out what everyone has on the go, even if there’s never enough time to properly chat with everyone and wish them all a Merry Happy and a wonderful Knitting Season.



3 thoughts on “A Very Merry Guildmas

  1. It was wonderful to see you wearing your sweater! Looks lovely on you! Keep up those hand exercises and you’ll be back to knitting in no time 😉


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